Privacy Policy

At, we are dedicated to ensuring the best protection of your data and privacy. With our stringent data protection laws, we meet the safety standards for data storage and processing. A significant part of our mission is your online safety and to maintain your trust that you bestow upon us being our loyal customers. Being a customer, it is extremely important and beneficial for you to go through the company's privacy policy so that you have a clear understanding of how safely and securely we function. The following outlines how we work in the customers' interest in security, adhere to the points mentioned below to utilize the benefits in a hassle-free way:

  • The information that we gather will you enter your personal information to buy a product online is not used for any other purposes than having a look at basic, anonymous statistics and using some cookies.
  • In case you make a purchase of any product from, we will store the information you provide during your purchase and ensure that it is safe.
  • will prohibit from renting or selling potentially personally identifying or personally identifying information to anyone.
  • may occasionally send you emails regarding any new bulletins, or product update information only in the case you have applied for the same.
  • In case of any new product features or to solicit your feedback or keep you updated of the latest products and details, Webroot Help Number may send you an email in the rare of times.
  • Not participating in our support forum may result in the information being posted publicly due to the nature of online forums. Ensure that you do not show your personal details like username, phone number or any such information.
  • Information such as your email address, birth date and IP address all are kept confidential Information may only be shared with our trusted information technology team for personal forum registration process and is totally secure.
  • In case you send us an email regarding any query or doubt, we take the responsibility of keeping that email confidential and may similarly be shared with the technology team for business purpose.
  • Any information that you provide will be used only for your benefit and would help us support you in case of any technical error and to help us improve our product to improve your experience.
  • Your identity except for our distributed testing system (optional download, not part of our regular software)are not stored in any relationship and that also only if you choose to voluntarily provide your forum username and/or email address, which will then only be used to contact you about infections or false positives.
  • Information provided by email will be stored along with the email as long as required by the law.
  • In case of a suspect of information not being confidential, the customer shall feel free to contact the company and ensure that there is no such leakage of any kind of data.


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